About Wolcensmen


Wolcensmen began its journey in 2013 with the release of a 3-song demo CD. This edition of 30 hand-made CD-Rs was given to friends, as Wolcensmen was initially intended to be just a small creative outlet for the man behind the project, Dan Capp. Dan had played in a number of bands; of varying styles, all metal-related, but looked back to his teenage years when he had crafted short acoustic passages of music inspired by the likes of Ulver, Opeth, Empyrium and Wongraven. These long-lost cassette recordings had been praised by friends at the time, so Dan decided it was time to rekindle that old flame.

The demo songs were uploaded to bandcamp, and through a series of chance circumstances, Deivlforst Records of Germany took an interest, offering to re-release the demo on cassette with the addition of two bonus tracks (songs that had been recorded as one-offs for compilation albums). The growing popularity of the demo demanded a debut full-length, and with the encouragement of Deivlforst, work began on this in 2015 and culminated in the release of ‘Songs from the Fyrgen’ in November 2016. The reception to the debut album was phenomenal and despite no structured press campaign the initial CD pressing sold out in six months, with overwhelming praise from the underground press.

The inspiration for Wolcensmen was always, quite simply, those deeply atmospheric acoustic-guitar compositions which occasionally flowed from within the extreme metal scene of the 1990s. Wolcensmen’s purpose is to draw upon those folkloric moods and aesthetics and to explore the mystical Heathen culture of North-Western Europe.

In October 2017 the first live performance of Wolcensmen songs took place in England’s Lake District. Following this, work began on the writing and planning of a sophomore album and further live shows.In 2018, Wolcensmen signed with the Norwegian label Indie Recordings, who reissued ‘Songs from the Fyrgen’ in November of that year, with several new songs and a cover of Bathory’s ‘Man of Iron’ included as a bonus EP under the title of ‘Songs from the Mere’.

In 2018/2019, Wolcensmen toured the UK and lowlands of Europe supporting Winterfylleth, and then entered the studio to record the follow up to ‘Songs from the Fyrgen’, ‘Fire in the White Stone’ – a concept album. It will be released on September 20th through Indie Recordings.





1. Wolcen’s Galdr
2. Hooves Upon the Shimmering Path
3. A fine Way to Die (Bonus)
4. Shield and Spear
5. Rings like Wayland (Bonus)

Songs from the Fyrgen

Songs from the Fyrgen


1. Withershins
2. The Fyre-Bough
3. Sunne
4. Hoofes Upon the Shymmeringe Path
5. ‘Neath a Wreath of Firs
6. The Mon o’ Micht
7. Snowfall
8. The Bekens are Aliht
9. Yerninge

Songs from the Mere

Songs from the Mere


1. The Ferryman
2. Lady of the Depe
3. The Greene Wall
4. Beholdinge, He…
5. Man of Iron

Fire in the White Stone

Fire in the White Stone


1. Foreboden
2. A Gainsaying
3. Lorn and Loath
4. Hunted
5. The Woodwose
6. Of Thralls and Throes
7. The Swans of Gar’s Edge
8. Maidens of the Rimeland
9. Fellowship
10. Sprig to Spear
11. Fire in the White Stone



  • Guitar – Nick Wallwork. (2017 >)
  • Backing vocals and guitar – Chris Naughton (2017 >)
  • Percussion – Callum Cox (2018 >)
  • Keyboards and backing vocals – Mark Deeks (2018 >)
  • Cello – Jo Quail (2018 >), Ele Leckie (2018-2019)


Songs from the Fyrgen

  • Bodhran on ‘Neath a Wreath of Firs and Hoofes Upon the Shymmeringe Path by Mark Capp.
  • Flutes by Jake Rogers.
  • Piano performed by Dries Gaerdelen.
  • Norse Galdr (from the Elder Edda) on Hoofes Upon the Shymmeringe Path by Nash Rothanburg.
  • Cello parts performed and embellished upon by Raphael Weinroth-Browne, and recorded by Dean Watson at The Gallery in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Lead synthesizers on Hoofes Upon the Shymmeringe Path written with and performed by Grimrik.
  • Synthesizers on ‘Neath a Wreath of Firs written and performed by Grimrik.

Songs from the Mere

  • Recorded, mixed and mastered in England in 2018 by Mark Mynett (mynetaur.com).
  • Produced by Dan Capp and Mark Mynett.
  • Beholdinge, He… – Written by Dan Capp and Jo Quail.
  • Man of Iron – Written by Quorthon.
  • Cello performed by Jo Quail.
  • Choir vocals performed by Dan Capp and Chris Naughton.
  • Percussion performed by Callum Cox.
  • Piano performed and improved upon by Mark Deeks.


  • Photography by Daniel Walmsley.
  • Painting used on Songs from the Fyrgen – ‘Skoginteriør’ by Ludvig Munthe, courtesy of Nasjonalmuseet, Norway.
  • Cover photo on Songs from the Mere by Daniel Walmsley